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Analogue Subscriber Unit FXS
  • Number of ports: 10
  • Mode: 2 wire
  • Voice coding: ITU-T G.711 A Law
  • Characteristics of 2w voice channel: ITU-T Q.552
  • Channel bandwidth: from 300 to 3,400Hz
  • 2W TX Relative Level: from -18dBr to +7dBr
  • 2W Rx Relative Level: from -23dBr to +1.5dBr
  • Nominal impedance 2w: Z = 600 ohms
  • Ring Voltage: 40Veff@25Hz
  • Hardware filtering of the parasitics Hook On/Off glitches around the Ring Pulses.
  • Transmission of TeleTax pulses: 16kHz
  • Compliant with the requirements of ITU-T K.21
  • Flexible time slot assignment
  • "CLIP" function

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