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GPRS Router  

GPRS Router is unit that provides fast and secure access to Internet and VPN (Virtual Private Networks) by means of embedded real time operating system and CPU ARM9 that provides a common IP fabric, voice over IP services and administration interface across your network. Thanks to its 2 Ethernet interfaces the CIRGSM Unit is compatible with routers and provides a perk throughput of 236.8kbps. EDGE is one of the fast growing mobile technologies and is delivering advanced data services and applications.

    The system GRPS Router supports:
  • Multi protocols, such as IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, SMTP, HTTP, POP3, TELNET, FTP, SNMP, etc.
  • Several work modes•
  • Auto “On Line” including online detection, auto redial when offline to reconnect the router
  • Hardware and software WDT
  • Wide range power input (5 ~ 35V)
  • Convenient system configuration and management interfaces: Ethernet and RS-232
  • 1.Wireless Specification:

    • Dual Band EDGE/GPRS (900/1800Mhz)
    • GPRS multi-slot class 10
    • GSM 900 – class 4 (2w)
    • GSM1800 - class 1 (1w)
    • GPRS data down link: max. 85.6 Kbps
    • GPRS data uplink link: max. 42.8 Kbps

    2.Hardware System – desktop unit:

    • Industrial ”embedded system” with ARM9 CPU, 200M
      • Flash - 4MB
      • SDRAM - 16MB
      • E2PROM - 64KB
    • Interfaces:
      • 1 or 2 ports RJ45 Ethernet 10/100 Mbps auto sensitive
      • 1 port, RJ45 V.24
      • 1 port SMA connector for GPRS /EDGE antenna, 50 ohms,/li>
    •  SIM интерфейс:
      • SIM interface: standard user card interface
    • Power interface: standard 3-PIN power jack
    • LED indication: Status system; Data; Radio Link; WLAN link (TX/RX); power supply
    • Power supply: Standard 12 volt DC, max 1A or 220 volts АС with adapter
    • Operation temperature: from -20ºC to +55ºC
    • Storage temperature: from -40ºC to +80ºС
    • Size WxHxD: 238x189x31mm
    • Weight: 0,7kg

    3.IP Addressing & Routing

    • Network address translation NAT/NAPT
    • Static/Dynamic routing
    • Policy-Based Routing
    • DHCP client, server, relay
    • DNS proxy
    • Routing protocols: RIP v1/v2, OSPF v2;
    • Tunnel: IPSec, GRE, L2TP
    • Data routing to the serial port
    • Транслиране на мрежови адреси (Network address translation NAT/NAPT)
    • Статично/динамично маршрутизиране
    • Политики за маршрутизиране
    • DHCP клиент, сървър
    • DNS proxy
    • Протоколи за маршрутизиране: RIP v1/v2, OSPF v2;
    • Тунели: IPSec, GRE, L2TP
    • Поддържа маршрут за предаване на данни със сериен порт


    • Firewall 
      • Supports standard and extended access lists
      • Stateful packet inspection
      • Session monitoring
      • Configure timers per port and application
      • Log firewall messages
      •  Поддържа стандартни и разширени списъци за достъп
      • Проверка на пакети 
      • Наблюдение на сесии
      • Конфигуриране на таймер за порт или приложение
      • Списък на съобщиенията от защитата
    • VLAN
      • 802.1p Tagging
      • Supports multiple VLAN ID per port
      • Configurable Layer 2 switching
    • IP Security
      • Optional hardware-based encryption (DES, 3DES, AES)
      • Software encryption: DES, 3DES, AES
      • Tunnel mode with AH and ESP
      • IKE with pre-shared secret, symmetrical or client-server mode

    5.IP Quality of Service

    • Class-based Queuing (CBQ), CB-WFQ on LAN/WAN interfaces
    • Policing and remarking
    • RED, WRED, ECN


    • Web based configurator
    • Standard Command Line Interface (CLI)
    • SNMP v1/v2C/v3
    • Support of user privileges
    • Configuration upload/download via FTP/TFTP
    • QoS measurement probes
    • Traceroute, ping, extended ping
    • User authentication via RADIUS or TACACS+
    • Syslog client
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