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Knowledge and Experience

ECoCoMS professional experience is in the field of digital transmission and it has been operating successfully in the telecommunications market for 15 years now. The team provides and supports various high-tech telecom solutions.
ECoCoMS know-how is in processing and transmission of information (TDM, IP, ATM, FrameRelay etc.)

Flexible Architecture

ECoCoMS team designs Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits (VLSI, FPGA, CPLD) measuring to more than a million gates (Xilinx, Lattice etc.) thus acquiring experience and competitive advantage in order to develop solutions that correspond to customer's specific requirements. ECoCoMS has developped a large number of IP (Intelectual Property) core for the realization of FPGA IP solutions.

Professional Support

ECoCoMS offers technical support is based on various technologies and corresponding to the customer's needs.
New products
GPRS Router

GPRS Router is unit that provides fast and secure access to Internet and VPN (Virtual Private Networks) by means of embedded real time operating system and CPU ARM9 that provides a common IP fabric, voice over IP services and administration interface across your network. Thanks to its 2 Ethernet interfaces the GPRS Router is compatible with routers and provides a perk throughput of 236.8kbps. EDGE is one of the fast growing mobile technologies and is delivering advanced data services and applications.


Multi-Service Multiplexer FMXM-16

New version of Multiplexer FMX E1 - ver.3 named "FMXM-16". The modular system is ranged in the area of multiservice devices. ECoCoMS offers to his customers a new featured equipment with better flexibelity so needed of the operators and big customers.


32 ports Cross Conector

The Cross Connector ECoDXX-32E1 is a system for full cross connect on 64 kbit/s level for 32 digital streams or 992 - 64 kbit/s digital channels. The system ECoDXX-32E1 performs cross connection of 64 kbit/s DS0 channels in order to maximaze the effectivness of usage the digital networks.
The Cross Connector provides E1, xDSL and E2/E3 optical interfaces for more efficient user access.


Optical Multiplexer SToM1

Multiplexer SToM1 is a new generation optical SDH device. It provides an economic solution for multi-service optical access, as well as simultaneous provisioning of E1 and Ethernet services.


PCI interface card - 4xE1-ZAP4E1

ECoCoMS announces a new PCI interface card - ZAP4E1, supporting linux drivers zaptel and fully compliant with DIGIUM TE405P/TE410P cards. Compared with DIGIUM cards ZAP4E1 supports 5V, as well 3.3V PCI bus. The card allows easily to implement functions of digital TDM PBX, softswitch, IP PBX, as well as other digital processing of 2M streams with different application softwares, as Asterisk from DIGIUM or custom developed by our teams.


VoIP SOHO PBX Family Based Complex Solutions

ECoCoMS presents global TDMoE (TDMoX) protocol, ZAP4E1 and VoIP SOHO PBX Family based solutions.


TDMoE Multiplexer

ECoCoMS created a new type of multiplexer, based on packets switching TDMoE (TDMoX) protocol, but also workign with all legacy and TDM user interfaces.


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