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Cross Connector ECoDXX-32E1 

Cross Connector ECoDXX-32E1 is a system for full cross connect on the 64 kbit/s level for 32 E1 streams or 992 digital channels with rate 64 kbit/s. The system ECoDXX rearranges and redirects digital data streams in order to maximize the network utilization.

Cross Connector ECoDXX-32E1 system provides:
  • General features
    • DC power supply: from -36V to -72V
    • AC power supply: 230V, 50Hz
    • Temperature: from -5°C to +45°C
    • Dimension: 435x255x44 mm
  • Functionalities
    • 64 Kbit/s Cross Connect
    • The cross connect can reroute a 2Mbit/s unframed streams (unframed)
    • The 16 time slot of each 2Mbit/s port can be configured to work with CAS signallization
    • The Cross Connector can be configured offline in order to perform changes of the configuration tables with minimum downtime
    • Import or export of configurations from or to a file
    • Simultaneous monitoring and recording of the status and alarms of all ports
    • Statistics of the alarms
  • Management
    • Management, monitoring and configuration can be performed locally or remotely
    • Management interface: RS232 or LAN
  • Synchronization
    • External source: 64kHz; 2048kHz, ITU-T G.703
    • Output for synchronization: 2048 Kbit/s, ITU-T G.703
    • External source of synchronization can be any E1 tributary port
  • Tributary ports G.703/G.704
    • Interface: E1 - ITU-T G.703; G.704; G.706
    • Number of ports: 32
    • Code: HDB3
    • Bit rate: 2048 kbit/s ±50ppm;
    • Impedance: 75 or 120 ohms
    • Connector: BNC or RJ45
    • Max cable attenuation: 6dB@1024kHz
    • Detection of basic alarms
    • Non blocking switching matrix
  • Tributary ports xDSL
    • Line interface: 2w HDSL/SDSL G.703/G.704
    • Number of ports: 8
    • Line speed: 64 kbit/s upto 2048 kbit/s
    • Connector: RJ45
    • Line code: 2B1Q
    • Max. cable attenuation: 36dB@1024 kHz
    • Each port can work with the following remote modems:
    • Each of the modems can be configured remotely via the craft port of the cross connector
  • Tributary port optical
    • Frame: E2/E3
    • Optical Transmitter: Laser
    • Optical Receiver: PIN photodiode
    • Optical cable type: "single mode"
    • Number of fibers: 2
    • Optical TX level: -13dBm
    • Optical RX level: -38dBm
    • Wave length: 1300nm
    • Code: NRZ scrambled/CMI
    • Connector: SC/PC
    • Bit rate: 4/16 x 2048 kbit/s payload
    • Max. overall cable attenuation: 25dB
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