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Area Network
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Transmission Network
Packet Switching

Due to various challenges, brought by markets or clients, and due to the need of decreasing expenses, the companies are constantly searching for high-tech solutions which can assure their competitive advantage on the market. ECoCoMS works for the success of its clients by providing efficient technological solutions.

The main focus of the company is the complex approach to the realization of the projects and the high professional level of its specialists. The purpose of the different types of applications is to show the different ways of interconnecting ECoCoMS products with telecommunication networks of carriers, small or medium size companies. Browsing through the applications, the customer can select the most suitable network approach.

Many of the technical approaches are based on already existing solutions, so by adding an efficient interconnection of ECoCoMS products for voice and data, the customer can find an efficient solution at a competitive price.

Types of applications:

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