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  New Devices

GPRS Router

GPRS Router is unit that provides fast and secure access to Internet and VPN (Virtual Private Networks) by means of embedded real time operating system and CPU ARM9 that provides a common IP fabric, voice over IP services and administration interface across your network. Thanks to its 1 or 2 Ethernet interfaces the CIRGSM Unit is compatible with routers and provides.


Multi-Service Multiplexer FMXM-16

New version of Multiplexer FMX E1 - ver.3 named "FMXM-16". The modular system is ranged in the area of multiservice devices. ECoCoMS offers to his customers a new featured equipment with better flexibelity so needed of the operators and big customers.     


  32 port Cross Connector 

The Cross Connector ECoDXX-32E1 is a system for full cross connect on 64 kbit/s level for 32 digital E1 streams or 992 - 64 kbit/s digital channels. The system ECoDXX-32E1 performs cross connection of 64 kbit/s DS0 channels in order to maximaze the effectivness of usage the digital networks.
The Cross Connector provides E1, xDSL and E2/E3 optical interfaces for more efficient user access.                           
more ...

Cross Connector ECoDXX-4E1

It is a system for full cross connect on 64 kbit/s level for 4 digital E1 streams. 

Optical Multiplexer SToM1

Multiplexer SToM1 is a new generation optical SDH device. It provides an economic solution for multi-service optical access, as well as simultaneous provisioning of E1 and Ethernet services.

  New Types  "Embedded systems"


CIRGSM Gateway 

CIRGSM gateway is a data transmission device, from a RS232 source, via IP cloud. On transmission failure the device dial automatically via GSM Module - server, as backup channel and continue to transmit the arriving RS232 information. On transmission and LAN  restoring the GSM channel is closed and the information is transmitted again via the LAN Network. more ...


I386 Based Controller 

The controlle ECoI386 bus and supports all IBM compatible ISA controllers. Applications under DOS and Linux have been developed.


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ECoCoMS presents the first Bulgarian WiFi embedded solution, allowing in an area of 130mmx90mmx31mm to implement WiFi G802.11g/b using USB dongle, based on Ralink Technologies 2500 series chipset.

The device provides the following interfaces:

  • USB for WiFi G802.11g/b dongle;
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet;
  • 2xRS232 interfaces
  • GPIO (General Purpose I/O pins).

The consumption of the device is below 3W.Run time environment ECoLin1.1.1.0. more...

  C51 Based Controller 

The controller  ECoC51 supports ISA bus and have on board implemented LAN controller.

An application software for HTTP server, SNMP client, FTP  server and others IP applications have been developed.more..

ARM Based PC104 Controllers 

ECoCoMS presents a new serie of ARM based controllers  ECoARM9EP9302 and ECoARM9EP9307 with form factor PC104. They cover part of the Cirrus seriesCirrus based EP93XX processors.  

ECoARM9EP9302 more ...

ECOARM9EP9307 more ...


EVLSI FPGA IP CoresCoCoMS during the time created a lot diveristy of VLSI and Intelectual Property cores in the Design&Reuse (D&R) ideology. All their are created in HDL Lanugages like Verilog or VHDL.more ...

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